eBay items for sale
eBay trading assistant
Just about everything sells on eBay! Except, of course, those items excluded by eBay on ethical grounds. Otherwise, go through your closets, garage, attics, or wherever you store unused or unwanted items and start making a list of those things that are in good condition, but are not longer useful to you. Just imagine trading all that stuff for a pile of dollars! Then, give us a call. As your eBay Trading Assistant, we can tell you up front what we think will or won't sell and discuss potential value with you. Chances are very god that you'll net a lot more money this way than by selling through a garage sale or advertising in the paper.

Please remember: items must be in good to excellennt condition and in good working order. This is not the place to unload junk!

Here is a brief list of things we can sell for you. It's not an exhaustive list, but you can use it for ideas and inspiration as you look around your home or office. The photos show actual items we have recently sold on eBay.
Antiques & Collectibles
Dolls, Teddy bears, Cherished Teddies, Precious Moments, clocks, watches, lamps, furniture, vintage signs, vintage ranch and farm items.

Originals, Comics, Art prints, and photographic prints.

Business & Industrial
Almost all usable business equipment from forklifts to printing presses, commercial kitchen equipment, paper cutters, phone systems, etc.

Photographic Equipment
Film and digital cameras, camcorders, lenses, darkroom equipment and other accessories.
Computers & Accessories
Computers (PC and Macintosh), printers, flat panel monitors, PDA’s, etc.

Consumer Electronics
Audio components
(speakers, tuners, CD players, etc.); video components; portable players, etc.

Motorcycle Accessories
Gas tanks, fenders, helmets, clothing, handlebars, seats (just about anything in good condition!)

Musical Instruments
Studio equipment – mixers, power amps, speakers.

Pottery & Glass
Wedding dresses and formal attire, designer purses, shoes
and belts, name brand shirts, slacks, jeans, boots, Western wear. Must be in excellent condition!

Toys & Hobbies
Model trains, Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, G.I. Joe, Barbie and similar items.

Sporting Goods &
Outdoor Recreation

Camping equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags in good condition), binoculars and telescopes, high-end bicycles, name brand golf clubs and bags, scuba gear, skis and snowboards in excellent condition.
Sports Memorabilia
Trading cards and autographed items. Equestrian Saddles and tack, Western wear.

Jewelry & Watches
Diamond and pearl jewelry; rings, pocket watches, designer wrist watches, antique watches, cameos.

High-end luggage and trunks.

Vehicles Parts and

Audio components, GPS units, radar detectors, parts for vintage and luxury cars, high performance tires.

Video Games
Consoles, Play Station, X Box and others.