PMA Auctions is an experienced eBay trader located in Arlington, Texas
PMA Auctions is an experienced eBay trader located in Arlington, Texas, in the heart of the Ft. Worth – Dallas metroplex. As a Registered eBay Trading Assistant*, we can take your good but unneeded items and sell them for you on eBay. We believe this is a much better way to dispose of your “stuff” than garage sales, estate sales, classified ads, or flea markets. It’s faster, safer, requires much less hassle and work – and best of all, it puts more cash in your pocket!

The principals in PMA Auctions have spent their entire professional careers in marketing, advertising, and photography. Expertise in these fields contributes enormously to the success of your eBay auction because buyer perception of your item has a dramatic impact on the selling price.

When you consign your items to us, here is what you can expect: Turnkey Services. We provide all services necessary to sell your item.

This includes:

• Running a market appraisal to determine the approximate value of your item
• High quality location or studio photography
• Writing compelling and accurate item descriptions
• Creating attractive and effective ad layouts for listings
• Listing items on eBay
• Corresponding with prospective buyers
• Preparing final invoice and collecting payment from buyer
• Professional quality packaging and shipping

Solid Marketing Experience and Excellent Facilities
We understand marketing and have the facilities and knowledge to support our marketing programs. Our creative work – concept, graphic design, photography and copy writing - are produced in-house. We operate a 2,500 square feet modern photographic and graphic arts studio with state-of-the-art imaging equipment. We can photograph items as large as automobiles in our own studio.

An Understanding of eBay and Its Vast Marketing Opportunities
We’ve successfully traded on eBay for seven years and know how to market your items. We are an eBay Power Seller and a Registered eBay Trading Assistant, programs that require high levels of performance and credibility in the eBay community. eBay provides access to an enormous market – more than 150 million potential buyers worldwide! However, you don’t tap into this vast market without a lot of research, knowledge, hard work, hands-on experience and …patience! Selling on eBay is more art than science and we believe our long and successful track record gives us a good insight as to what will sell and how it should be presented.

An Impeccable Record of Integrity and Customer Service
We have a near perfect Feedback rating on eBay. You can quickly check our feedbacks to see what our customers have to say about us and our products and service. Further, our item selling prices have consistently exceeded industry averages for their respective categories. You can be assured that we’ll always give you straight answers and our best efforts!

Storefront Accessibility
We have a storefront and someone is usually there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, we occasionally get called out on photo shoots, so please call before you drop by to make sure we’ll be there. In some instances, we may be able to pick up your items.

How We Handle Your Consignments
Once you’ve chosen us as your Trading Partner and delivered your items to us, the listings, selling and payments will be handled in this sequence

Complete Explanation of The Listing and Re-Listing Sequence
During our first meeting or conversation, we’ll explain the options you have in listing your items. Normally, we use a 7-day listing cycle, but 3 or 10-day cycles are available. We also will offer some experienced suggestions regarding setting the price for opening bids and whether or not you should establish a reserve price. And we’ll tell you up front whether or not we think your item will sell for a price that meets your expectations. If the item doesn't sell during the first listing cycle, we’ll re-list it for no additional cost. If it doesn’t sell during the second listing cycle, you can pick it up or have us dispose of it in accordance with the terms of the Consignment Agreement.

Quick Listing Of Your Items
We’ll get your items listed as quickly as possible – usually within 5 to 7 days after we receive them, depending on their condition. During this time, we’ll photograph the items, write descriptions, design the ad listings, and perform any minor touch up that is needed. If outside appraisers are needed, more time may be required. The extra time spent on an outside professional appraisal generally adds more value to your item.

Protection Against Damaged Or Lost Items
We package our items with the most protective materials we can find to ensure safe and damage-free delivery. Our choice of shipping depends on the size, weight and shape of the item; the speed in which the buyer wants the item; and how cost sensitive the buyer may be. We insure all items and handle the details of resolution if an item is lost or damaged.

Protection And Tracking
Your merchandise will not be shipped until all details of the transaction have been completed and the money is in our hands! We will provide you with a link to your auction so you can see the progress during any stage of the auction.

Complete Auction Statements
We will provide you with a detailed report showing the outcome of your auctions and printed copies of the auctions.

*As an eBay Trading Assistant, we are an independent company and are not employees or independent contractors of eBay.

Our PayPal business account allows us to accept online credit card payments. Most of our auctions are paid with PayPal within hours after the auction ends. You will be paid by our company check within 3-5 days after all details of the sale have been finalized. When buyers pay by cashier’s check or money order – and by personal check, in special cases – we wait until the money is in our hands before we ship the item and issue your check.

PMA Auctions is an experienced eBay trader located in Arlington, Texas